Mistake of the day!

Hi Brendhain.

(me initiating a conversation)



I am occupied at the moment, Busy day today!


Jyvlo Yipistage

No problem. Ttyl



Jyvlo Yipistage

Did u recently write a review of Peter Rollins new book ‘The Idolatry of God’?





Jyvlo Yipistage

Hahahaha!! There’s a review on amazon – talks about zombies



Can you send me the link?


Jyvlo Yipistage


The Idolatry of God: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction


You can’t be satisfied. Life is difficult. You don’t know the secret. Whether readers are devout believers or distant seekers, The Idolatry of God shows that we must lay down our certainties and honestly admit our doubts to identify with Jesus. Rollins purposely upsets fundamentalist …


Jyvlo Yipistage

Just scroll down. Its the third review I think.



Jyvlo Yipistage

Uh u know I was kidding right? It was just ironic to see the same analogy u had used.




Sorry for the slow reply. I was out on the town last night.

Tht was funny(zombies)! Nice to know tht I am not the only one who notices the way some people are!

I am doing a blog. I am taking dialogues tht I have with friends and putting them up. Of coarse, names and other details will be twisted around so as to throw people off as to who the ‘other’ people are. I put up the dialogue we had about my relationship with god. Can you read it and tell me if you are cool with it?! If there is anything specific about it you are unhappy with then tell me so I can understand how you see it! Go to: Brendhain.com


Jyvlo Yipistage

A lil heads up that our conversation was going to be public would have been nice. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet



I made changes so i isn’t identifiable. Sorry for not telling you first. I thought we had such a great conversation and I have wanted to document conversations that I have with people. the idea is mainly to collect these conversations.

I hope you can over look that I din’t tell you first. If you object to anything then let me know. I will be happy to adjust things so that you are happy with it! My aim is for the other people in the dialoques to be unidentifiable. Your “name” in it was fun! I took “the reasonable believer” translated it into Greek and then wrote it phonetically in a mix of Swedish, English and French pronunciation rules! I hope you see the name as a complement, because that was my indent!


Jyvlo Yipistage

I didn’t read through it in detail. The only thing I object to is what I assumed to be a conversation between two friends being made into a public forum..



so it offends a principle tht you have. as apoosed to the content itself offending you?!


Jyvlo Yipistage




For me, Principles are a trap. Even you have said that no one hasn’t broken at least one of the 10 commandmenst. Of the billions of christians who have ever lived (perhaps excluding JC!) no one has ever been able to follow the basic 10 rules handed down thru from the Jews. So, makes one think that perhaps these are actually Guiding Rules to follow tht will get you thru most all situations in life. Then there is the 1-5% of the time that you have to make another choice. Sometimes a truely harmless lie can spare someone great needless pain. So you hold the truth inside of you and You take the pain of the lie. If shooting that crazy idiot who shot 20 kids would have spared those children then clearly killing can be the best choice. Think about the wars in the old testament when god clearly helped in the killing. Principles are not universal. In this case, I am using our dialogue (which I respect and cherish) to explain my personal philosphy. It was a common method in Ancent Greece to write in Dialogues. That is all that Plato/Socrates did. Our conversations look like and sound like a dialogue written by Plato, only with modern language and references. I am a philosopher. I have a degree in it. What you hear from me in our conversations is My Philosophy. I am heavily influenced by Plato/Socrates and I philosophize in a Dialogue form. I am publishing my philosophy and you help me to think in a special way. You are very helpful to me! I like the way I think when we talk! And we are so good at it.:-)  If you pay attention to us talking to each other then you will see how wonderful and open our conversations are. We are a great example to others! Look how we handle/communicate our “conflct/missunderstanding” about me not showing you appreciation and attention in the right way. That is brilliant! It is so good it almost seems fake!! When I read it, it seems so contrived! But is was spontaneous between the two of us! Very Cool! there is nothing wrong with sharing us as an example of how people can communicate!



I have been nagged by lots of people, including 2 Ivy league professors!! (sic) That I should write a book. And I started but it was about the past and I don’t want to write about the past. I want to write about The Now. If the past comes up then that is natural and expected. I didn’t know where to start, I study and think about so much it is insane! Then I realized that I am writing my philosophy every day on the internet. I didn’t know how to collect it all then I ran into WordPress.com and I figure it out. That was 2 or 3 months ago. I didn’t feel inspired to actually get off my ass and figure out how to do it. I don’t like learning new stuff on the computer. I am very unpracticed……… Then we had our conversation the other day and when I reread it the next day I was inspired. So I acted on it! That is where I am coming from. If you want then I will change the dialogue that comes from you but my content is my philosophy and I would appreciate being able to at least publish my part of the discussions so I can record my philosophy. Now how is that for an honest answer?! ;-p


Jyvlo Yipistage

Though not by ivy league professors, I too have been told I should write a book. I don’t mind you including what I say in your blog…now that I know about it…It pisses me off that you would do it without first asking me. My silence over the last couple of hours has been becuase I don’t like to discuss things when I’m angry. During that time, I reflected on some things you and I have discussed such as no one living up to principles all the time as you also mentioned. So I won’t hold you to that expectation of always doing things 100%. You must also realize that doesn’t eliminate consequences that naturally arise from such situations such as my anger and feeling somewhat betrayed in a sense. So anyway, feel free to include whatever I say as long as you don’t change it in ANY way. They are my words. And why would I be pissed off by the content?? As I said, I didn’t read it in detail…should I? Did you make significant changes to it? Or were you referring to the content of the conversation you had prior to ours with someone else?



I appreciate the energy it takes from you to deal with the effects of my error. I am sorry that you are having to deal with anger. I haven’t told any of my friends (except Negus Maximums and Plato) I made nearly zero changes to our dialogue. I make little changes so it is unclear as to who you are. Naturally I will adjust or omit anything that shouldn’t be public. do you want to proof read all of the ones from our discussion before I post them?! Plus, I can turn off the comment function. I planned to leave it on unless it attracts idiots, in which case I would turn off all “comment” functions on All of my dialogues. I really don’t care what an asshole who is so unhappy in his life that he/she has to spread their  hate out to other people. I am happy to help someone like that but I am not going to put up with his crap, and that goes for his bitch wife, too!

Oh, I will do spell check. Don’t worry, mine requires so much more correction than yours does!! ;-p


Jyvlo Yipistage

Spell check is good. If you are taking directly from our conversations I see no need to proofread or approve prior to publishing. Just let me know when u do post one of our talks. Id like to view comments.

Adjusting or omitting personal details is good too


Jyvlo Yipistage

..sounds like someone in particular hurt u pretty bad..



from what?! the way Negus Maximus (NM) and I were talking?


Jyvlo Yipistage

No I didn’t really read that. Barely skimmed it. I meant your remark about the comment function on your blog

I prob misinterpreted it. Nevermind.



No! I meant idiots on the internet, Trolls out Trolling on the internet just making provocateur statements and just to upset other people’s fun. Being provocative with  interesting discussions for a positive effect  is welcome but I have little patience for Trolls(bullies/mobbare). If they want to take me on then they will need to invite me over to their site. I am more than happy to give them Home Court Advantage because that will be the only advantage they will have so I might as well allow them to have at least that much protection!! Any and All subject areas are welcome! I would love to learn a shit load more about a new subject but they should know that within a day I will know enough so that I can toy with them. And if we are still going at it after a week then they can Know that I am just Toying With Them!


Jyvlo Yipistage

Hm. Very comforting since we’ve been batting this subject around for idk.. Couple months at least.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. I’ve got some things I need to take care of.



You have really helped me see religion in a different light! I don’t feel like we are battling! We are exploring the idea of spiritualality not filled with hypocracy as I always run into. You are the example of how christians should be! It isn’t an easy life. No life is easy. I know that intimately. But is serves a positive purpose in your life. Isn’t that what the good stuff in life does?! You are caring and compassionate for others. You grant others your same right to have Your perspective so they get to enjoy Theirs un-attacked. That is very cool! That is what Jesus would Do! So I am happy with that. He was a great teacher. Slow down the negative emotions and em-brass joy! I teach the same! He had some other good things to say, too!

I have always loved one part of the Old Testament when it says that It is better to spill your seed on the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground! I have never done that but it is good to know that I have that option and the Big G would be cool with that!! ;-p


Jyvlo Yipistage

I said BATTING not batt-L-ing! And omg u def have an interesting way of using scripture to your own benefit!! Lol ill have to dig that verse up as I can’t recall the exact wording



Oh, My dear. I was always bored out of my mind during church each Sunday but how my little ears did perk up when that subject came around!! that one and one about how it was bad to “Have Sex with Yourself”! I couldn’t figure out how to do that but I was very excited that it was an option!! ;-p Turned out that I had already been doing it for years. Big disapppointment!


Jyvlo Yipistage




True story! I was 11 or 12.



Lets hope twelve!! The church was a sex den to me, but not in the unfortunate way most people think of it now a days. I was defending the churches against some of my brother’s anger. They had my grandfather paying out 30% of his income to the church in the end. To me he was a kind and extremely generous to everyone kind of a man. But he must have been carrying something to have given him all of that guilt. he worked until he was 86 as a lawyer in NYC. Rediculous amount of money. Plus, one of My Brother’s ex girlfriends went church crazy after pressure from her family. Crazies!



I must sleep! Good evening to you, My Fair Lady!


Jyvlo Yipistage

The emotional manipulation and guilt-inducing messages of some churches are ridiculous. Some institutionalized churches prey upon people when they are at their lowest points in life. Its reprehensible. Its the total opposite of Jesus’ teachings. It’s my belief based on examples in scripture that church was never meant to be institutionalized with professional full-time pastors. It was meant rather, to be an organic gathering of believers who used their natural abilities to assist one another with life’s hardships.

Individuals will do lots of strange things to alleviate their own personal guilt. The sad thing is that most guilt is based upon principles or guidelines or a perceived standard one feels they have to live up to. As you said earlier, remove that standard of behavior and the guilt disappears. Life is hard enough without people and institutions preying upon each other and being totally self-serving.

I know you are probably in bed now, but I had the opportunity to respond in a more in-depth way than I normal and other responsibilities. btw The ‘My Fair Lady’ reference was not lost on me. Could be taken in a variety of ways – compliment or patronization.




It is your choice to interpret me how you will!



I trust you!



Plus, what do you think about Your name I gave you?!


Jyvlo Yipistage

Reasonable believer? I like it.. Lots. Isaiah 1:18 says ‘come now let us reason together…’ Matthew 22:37 says Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’

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