What is Wrong with Kids these days……

They are stressed out of their minds and they never learn self-soothing because the parents soothe their every mood. Like a plant that has grown tied to a support. If it never has to support itself then it can’t hold its own (weight).   These kids are in a constant alert mode. They suffer from mass insecurities because they never do anything for themselves, due to the parents seeing after the kid’s every need. Their life offers them no real challenges from which they can learn how to accomplish tasks requiring  longer term efforts. All of these such tasks are performed by the patents in their excessive serving to the kids . The parents tend to also underestimate the age appropriate challenges their children are capable of doing. Kids need to attempt these things so they learn to struggle against failures, as well as experience the feeling of accomplishment.  They don’t know failure because they never fail the easy tasks their parents allow them to try because the tasks are appropriate for a child 25%-50% younger than they are. So they end up both insecure and over confident.  A lovely combination for their life quality and for those around them!!! Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye

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