The Boom

Baby Boomers(40-talister) rallied around the slogan “Don’t Trust ANYONE Over 30!” They are now over 60 and they Expect us to trust them to guide us into the future!! After They created “our” crime ridden, polluted, decaying infrastructure and rising poverty and mental illness society!! They will spend all of their money(much of which they inherited from Their Parents) and will pass down very little wealth as they try desperately to deny the fact that they are old and their ideals failed! And when their money runs out they will be coming at us to get more of our pay check to go to their pension money and medical spending(which they did nothing but cut while they were young and health). They will repeat what their parents told them (and why They didn’t like people over 30)—“Stop your bitching about freedom and get a job!!”

I am a Generation X (a late 60-talister) and have worked my way through university and never been on unemployment benefits. It is us, GenXers, who are going to take the brunt of the paying for the Baby Boomers multiple decade retirement since we will be at the peak of our income earning level of our life. This will be taken from us, while the Boomers cut taxes/benefits during their peak earning period so they could spend more money on themselves enjoying life. 70 and 80 talister, unfortunately, have high levels of unemployment and student loan debt (because the Boomers made 70-80 talister “borrow money” for education, while Boomers got it free or nearly free). As to the 50 talister– they are in the middle and so are a blending of Boomer mentality and Generation X.

Even worse, my friend, Anyone of our age who is pouring all of their money and effort into housing is going to be in for a Huge surprise when the Boomers give us their Last Fuck You. When they do go to the great unknown, with their middle fingers in the air pointed at us, housing prices will collapse in their wake!! As the Biggest Consumerism Generation of all times is also the biggest Home Owner Generation of all time and when they depart the market will be flooded with their homes and prices will collapse! Cheap Housing for All!! Unless, they leave with their houses in ruin…………..

humm, sounds like a banking crisis in the horizon!! And we will Not bail them out again!! F*ck that!! I ain’t paying for the bankers’ shortsightedness plus I am not paying those Boomers for their short sighted speculative investments, either.

I woke in a great mood and the feeling has continued throughout the day! Had a great time on my Fender!

I don’t paint the facts with emotions. I have my emotions and see them for what they are and enjoy them very much! But The Truth is The Truth. And we must make true and lasting change to human experience.